Mike Mussina surprising array Zhichuo Simeone Atletico become the soft underbelly of the United Health drum

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hearing against Chelsea of the 'metal matrix', Atletico eventually helpless. This alone winger 'a fresh recruit' Just wanted to Blues and Mourinho crossed this bridge, is already a very difficult thing, sheets Corps. How to talk about dominating the Champions League it Match, Atletico Madrid take absolute advantage initiative, fut coins Possession of up to 69%, against only 31 percent; the number shot up to 25 times, the opponent only a mere five times; the ultimate team together to send 22 times the threat passes, passing success rate of 83%, while opponents only 63% of the poor. But even so, the number of goals in this FIFA 15 game linens Legion is still exceptionally dazzling zero, how did this happen? Chelsea's luck is good? Definitely, the Blues but sacrificed Cech and Terry. To blame, blame Atletico themselves, within the whole of the 25-foot shot hit the door frame only four times, this is not because Diego - Costa forgot to wear their shooting boots, it is due to the Atletico attack means too single and the middle of the play into the hands of Chelsea! Throughout Atletico this season, we can see their main way to attack only two: a quick counterattack and locate the ball. 74 goals in the league, there are eight from the counterattack, ranked La Liga third; 22 from the positioning of the ball (including the penalty included), it is also third in the league. In contrast to their warfare scoring only 41, with Sevilla, Real Sociedad and David Villa Real and other ultimate ultimate teams comparable with main competitors champion Real Madrid there are 19 balls in the gap. Thus, in positional warfare to score by a short pass penetration, absolutely not sheets Legion strengths. However, the FIFA 15 game face retreating defense, the initiative to give Chelsea the ball, to master the ball 69 percent rate of Atletico seemed very suited, because the league this season, they averaged only 49% Possession column only La Liga 8; in the Champions League averaged point rate is only 45.7%! But since the enemy will have to hand over the initiative to attack, an urgent need to score at home to Atletico Madrid also had massive pressure on besieged Blues penalty area. Trench warfare, the hinterland of Chelsea among road cloth of 'metal matrix' is crammed, Simone decided to adopt means of attack ultimate team does best: winger. Atletico this season, the area is a major offensive in the wings, the middle attack only to 25 percent, ranked fourth. Therefore, the winger became inevitable their attacking options, this season pass can send 24 times, the highest league in the forefront. Thus, the Atletico FIFA 16 player starts fought the delivery winger into the Chelsea penalty area, hoping to use Diego - Costa's strong body to destroy the Chelsea defense. Total pass the whole FIFA 15 game up to 46 sheets Legion, while opponents Chelsea only five times, less than a fraction of them. But on the one hand, heading is not the absolute superiority Costa, 105 shots this season, he is only 13 times through the header completed 27 goals in only two is headed home. On the other hand, Terry and Gary - Cahill led the Blues have a natural defense height advantage, air defense ability. This not only allows Atletico Madrid winger Dayton useless, even by their positioning the ball too easily headed the rescue. Facts have proved best at Simoni or defensive counterattack that set, this move met the ball type-tested ultimate team, but if it is run into the wind the ball with his similar experience but winning ultimate ultimate teams N chips (such as Chelsea), Atletico attack means too single weakness will undoubtedly exposed, and it is likely therefore missed the final. Given them plenty of Cork, passing such a master Turan and Diego, as well as such a versatile center Costa, Simone has been unable to form a molded counter attack system, which he coached a big short board.

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