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Getting one

Pitbulls: ? Maybe, have one?I really just whole heartedly believe that! I have never ever came across a mean Pit, and I have never owned one. A relative did, but he was a big ham. Just always sittin' around waiting on a munchie or lounging on the sofa!So many people see only the bad Elite nfl jerseys side of Pit's and Rotts. They never seen the good things they've been in the news for. But when you go see what kind of dog it was, it was a Pit or a Rottie!My family and friends that have had Pits, have had really loving dogs, but just do NOT try to hurt someone they love. They have about 360lbs of pressure that could bite a rodent in half. But that's not out of mean ness. I think that is taught. You don't have to teach a Pit to be your loyal friend and protector, it already is!In my opinion of picking dogs, is when you want this dog TO BE YOUR DOG and not the family pet or just some doggie you picked up, I suggest YOU LET THE DOG PICK YOU!That dog already has an instinct about you that strikes his fancy on who he'd like to be his/her potential owner! If you're worried about getting dirt or slobber on you, you shouldn't even get a dog period! LOL :) Not being mean, just saying, that's them! Get a hampster or a lizard! Not a dog! With a dog, if it's going to be your loyal companion, then you're going to accept, dog hair, even though these dogs shed little if groomed properly, and it's going to drool! And you'll use that to your advantage later! :)What I agree with or don't agree withThis guy here, let's call him Rex the Skull Master! He's a beautiful dog, so don't think I'm saying otherwise. What I do agree with that people do (I feel the same way about my Rotties tail being docked) is have their ears clipped! It's like that old lady who got a face lift too late in life.This guy's look is very intimidating, with the exclusion of a spiked collar! Still don't forget he has 360lbs of pressure with those cute little chops he has showing there! The thing is, this dog is probably as passive as a kitten. Look at his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. Dogs that aren't about to attack, don't usually do this. Maybe unless he's trained to. Good luck on that LOL.Also, pulling his ears back like that takes away what he would be giving us, that puppy dog (hey you gotta treat or wanna play) type of look.So, no, I don't agree with the docking of any tails (even though mine was already done when I met the people I got her from) or the clipping of their ears. They need to just be themselves, and they'll be intimidating when necessary regarless of if you've done these things to them or not.What a cutie baby Pit!Seriously, now, think of this puppy. why take away those ears? In a month or two, they'll flop and he'll be so adorable! In fact, he looks about the age you should begin to train him a few little details, like "his toys, are his, and yours are yours" (read my potty training hub if you're having a hard time in that dept!) But these puppies deserve to be as they were.When I see my dog trying to wag, what she has left of a tail, it actually makes me a little sad. I'm happy of course when I know her tail is wagging, but i'm saddened because I can't see it, and it makes me wonder if she feels it.Look at this guys blue eyes! They'll change as he grows most likely, but this is a classic shot!Anyway if you are looking to get a pit, please remember never to hit your dog, you'll either make the dog never trust you, or you can turn your dog into a whimp. The best way to train your dog for protection (and especially if you already have a menacing looking breed) is to give your dog a lot of love an attention, and every now and again, give that dog a special treat. You'll have the best protector ever! I hope this helps you in deciding if you would like a dog, a Pit, or Rott (see my Rottie hub if interested)I don't think what people even realize, is just as some other humans or animals have personality traits that have a mean streak, I just don't think dogs should be pegged as a mean breed as they're mean or not. It's just a part of your animals personality. If it does have a mean streak, you can passify it by NOT acknowedging him or rewarding him for bad behaviour. When they are praised for being good, they will learn, on their own that good behaviour gets rewarded, and bad does't! These are not dumb dogs! :Just whatever you do, you will know you have the best protector, ifArielbey 4 years agoi have a rescue male pitbull about 2 yrs old. hes been crazy recently! running around thehouse, the yard, barking a people passing by, jumping on people. I dont even want to discuss the visit to the vet. My boyfriend and I take him on long walks everyday, have him chase a ball everyday and he sstill nibbles on my hand and on my boyfriends hand. Hes fixed and is trained to pee outside. 2 days ago after the vet visit, after a walk, he walked into our bedroom and peed on the bed. ON MY SIDE! He knew he did something wrong because when i looked at him he ran away tail down, ears back. I try to be stern with him. But he stopped listening. He may have been mistreated or it really sounds to me he's been ignored/neglected! And a dog tends to pick their owner, and he's picked you. That why you got the icky side of the bed! By licking and nibbling at both of your hands, he's trying to make the other jealous! They're very smart dogs! I don't like outside trainers, because it's the person who feeds them and spends the most time with them. If you're not it, then why would they listen to you! That's my opinion, but with my experience, what I would do is NOT give him attention when he is bad, never HIT him! Ever! It will instill fear of you, and people wonder why animals turn on NFL jerseys wholesale them. When you and your boyfriend are, say watching tv, let him sit between you, and NFL jerseys cheap CHEESE is a great way to get them to learn. "If you listen to me, you'll get the cheese, if you don't, you don't get the cheese" That's how I taught my dog to walk beside me when going for walks. It worked like a charm. The minute they disobey, NO CHEESE! But sometimes only a pat on the head with a "good boy" is a "treat" that way they don't expect a treat every time they are good.For an instant. I let my dog out the other day and she went sneaking out of the back yard, I got her home, and soon as she came in. as you said "head down tail between their legs, ears down" I said "There will be NO TREAT FOR YOU TODAY" and I gave her no attention for awhile. In about a few hours I pet her and gave her hugs and said "I love you, but you cannot run off anymore, so if you run off, no treats," and she perked her ears up at the word "treat" but knew I was upset that she'd gotten out. But when I said "no treat for you today" she did not get a munchie treat, but I still let her know I loved her. Animals need to know they're loved, and if yours is a rescue dog, my guess is it sounds as if he's gone neglected and was wanting your attention. and like children (not to compare any child to an animal) but bad attention is attention none the less! Does he have his own bed? I got a baby mattress for my dog and I will tell her "I am going to watch a movie, so you have to lay down for awhile we cannot play, but Mlb jerseys china I love you" and I pet her and give her a treat if she's been good, and she'll go on HER bed and lay until the movie ends. They know their things from yours, so maybe get a basket to keep his toys in, and plenty of chew toys. And also, tell them, "if you tear it up, it'll be gone, and there is no more!"It's kind of cute, but my dog had a baby's toy that is a sun on one side and a moon on the other, every once in awhile I say "we can play sun/moon if you go get it' and sure enough she'll come back with "sun/moon" and not "rope" They're smarter than people give them credit, but if they want good positive attention from you, they have to earn it, or they will run YOUR life! (and having you change sheets a lot!) So, if he pulls that again, tell him "There will be no play for you later" and in a stern but not yelling voice. It's also important that you get your dog to look at your face, they learn your expressions. I would put a piece of cheese between my teeth and give her a command, and she'd look right at my face. She learns now when I am giving her a "i'm not happy with you" face or a "good girl" face! Give that a try and good luck! Try to get him his "own" bed soon! That way he knows exactly where it is! They want you nearby, and to avoid the jealousy issue, they shouldn't have full run of the house. When they wander off, they're expecting you to miss them. Be TENACIOUS it's important! If someone else gave up on him, he feels you could too. Don't be too over attentive or that will spoil him when you need to tend to other things! Good luck! Keep me posted on the progress! I love Pitts and Rotts. If you show them love, you never have to worry about a thing. Peace.

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