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How Does Smoking Affect Sport Performance

Cigarettes have been shown to severely increase Coach handbags outlet your risk of serious health problems in regular smokers and those who have been exposed to large amounts of second hand smoke. Some of these health risks include cancer, emphysema and bronchitis. For Wholesale elite jerseys this reason, it's not surprising that smoking can also have negative effects on athletic performance.

Lack of Blood Oxygen

When Cheap nhl jerseys you exercise, your heart rate increases in order to meet the blood oxygen demands of your muscles. Generally, the faster your heart rate, the more oxygen your muscles need. Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, which binds to the hemoglobin in your blood more effectively than even oxygen, which means that your muscles are unable to get the oxygen that they require during exercise. This makes your heart work even harder.

Narrowed Blood Vessels

In addition to reducing your body's oxygen intake, smoking also narrows your blood vessels. This occurrence makes pumping blood throughout your body a slower and more difficult process while playing sports. It also puts extra strain on your heart every time it pumps, because it has to work harder in order to supply your body with the blood oxygen it needs to function.

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