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Many people in the renovation process, always unconsciously looked up at the ceiling, the walls close observation, that this is the most important face-saving projects, but often neglected works under their feet, because most people think that shop floors, posted a brick not much stress. But after the discovery of stay and other finished pavement is a problem, then it is very troublesome to resolve. In fact, according to professionals in the spring decoration, flooring and paving tiles, there are many noteworthy. Whether wood or tile pavement should earnestly ground water.Theme park railing
Since the spring, large temperature difference between day and night, so the floor tiles and pavement should pay attention to moisture, extrusion material moisture and other issues. Focus on home decoration Net University Zhang Gong told reporters, pay attention when choosing wood flooring moisture, especially wood floor, if the moisture content is high, the water will be warped floor deformation phenomena after the loss.cheap garden flooring price
In addition, as the traditional method keel wood floor installation the way, will leave in the overhead layer between the floor and the floor, not easy to keel moisture infiltration and accidentally drinks, milk and other volatile liquids, easy to breed bacteria and pests. The glue mounting method and metal keel installation method, you can avoid the wooden keel mounting ills. Viscose method is to use environmentally friendly glue the parquet floor glued directly on the concrete floor, the floor can be eliminated following the dust and insects hiding space. In recent years the most popular lock flooring, can avoid plastic paving, flooring seams are tight, you can also repeated disassembly and multiple use.porch floor

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