Solid wood floor clean way to make the ground bright as ever

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In the daily maintenance process, wood floor cleaning is also a necessary step. In particular, the family paved with solid wood flooring, wood flooring to maintain the softness of the natural texture,Best-selling price of high-density panels and ultimately, the daily maintenance and cleaning. Wood floor cleaning method 1: the use of vacuum cleaners regularly, ① we need to regularly use a vacuum cleaner to clean the wooden floor. As the solid wood flooring easy to damp growing bacteria, so try to choose a filter with a vacuum cleaner, in addition to visible garbage, but also through the filter to filter out some harmful micro-parasites.
② In order to avoid injury to the wood floor, we can also put a vacuum cleaner like this special wooden floor nozzle. Soft brush gently contact with the floor, coupled with the soft effect of rubber roller, the maximum degree of solid wood flooring to protect them! Wood floor cleaning method 2: wiping cloth / mop wring dry, solid wood floor in particular fear of tidal,Outdoor landscape Pvc Fence in the secondary cleaning Remove the floor stains when the wipers or mops should wring as much as possible, such as gentle wipe. If you encounter grease stains, beverages and other floor stains, you can also use a rag dipped in usual Taomi Shui, wring dry and then wipe, and soon make the floor clean and shiny up.
At the same time, usually to develop good habits, pay attention to some small details of life: usually at home walking on the floor, try to wear cloth slippers, preferably barefoot. To maintain the indoor dryness, encountered hot and humid weather, you can open air-conditioning or electric fans. Do not move the furniture on the floor surface drag to move,Waterproof outdoor wood floor to avoid scratches the floor. Of course, in order to extend the life of the floor paint, the annual regular wax to the floor is absolutely not a small step! Before waxing, we first floor clean; After a little dry, wipe with a dry cloth on it.
But because the lock of the solid wood flooring products do not need to play the keel, but also when the installation does not require a nail or glue to be fixed, and the whole room to form a whole, so there are many consumers choose to lock the floor. Solid wood flooring is good for the lock or lock mouth mouth good, different opinions,affordable outdoor flooring both have their own characteristics, but the lock is not fully mature wood floor today Xiaobian recommendations in order to ensure the use of solid wood flooring effect and quality, or try to use the flat Buckle solid wood flooring products.

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