Fashion Clothes Wholesale here vendetta Or happen." Ling Maimai smile. "But ......" the driver appeared to be very hesitant. "

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Fashion Clothes Wholesale here vendetta Or
happen." Ling Maimai smile. "But ......" the driver appeared to be very hesitant. "Do not worry. I'm in room 2301, a half-hour did not come down, then you come in, okay" Ling Maimai know what drivers fear to appease the driver's mood. "Good." This barely driver should sound. Then, after the driver nodded Ling Maimai schematic, we go to the hotel towards the inside. Driver saw Ling Maimai figure into the hotel, apart from anything else gave Guan Yu Chen a call. After all, Ling Maimai present situation, he can not take any responsibility. Moreover, Guan Yu Chen wrath, nor anyone willing to bear, that's terrible. The driver of the phone less than three seconds, it was Jiang Rui pick up. "Chen less in a meeting, what happened" Jiang Rui cold voice came from the other end of the phone. "Little lady went to the Four Seasons Hotel Room 2301, people did not follow." The driver truthfully informed. "Shadow of it" Jiang Rui immediately asked. "In the neighborhood, but the situation in the room, no one knows." This is a.Womens Dak Prescott Jersey lso the reason to worry about the driver. "Little lady say" Jiang Rui frown asked. "Little lady said, if they go into a half-hour, she has not come out, it is on to find her." The driver truthfully conveyed Ling Maimai words. "I will go to twenty minutes." Jiang Rui apart from anything else gave time. "Good." This assured the driver slightly down. Then he hung up the phone, did not leave, so in the hotel lobby waiting for Jiang Rui figure appeared. The shadow in the dark is followed Ling Maimai until Lingmai Mai into the room, he stopped down."So you satisfied" Lin Liqun anger against Xu Li and Cheng Xi said. "Of course." Xu Li is very rogue, "I'm a lawyer, I advise you to cooperate, I always do not like someone said to me this attitude, I never do things that people do not leave any room for." This, naked threat, Cheng Xi in the hands of a knife against Lin Liqun Xiangyebuxiang so, then as l.Youth Dak Prescott Jersey ng as Lin Liqun casual struggle, and he will bluntly knife through his carotid artery, so that he died instantly.
ived the news reporter, also contain the Four Seasons Hotel. But they do not know who is out of the question, naturally, no one noticed Chen Guan Yu leave. G Four Seasons Hotel in the city opened a few years, this is the first time the murder occurred within the hotel, how can so that the presence of reporters not excited Corpuscles in the headlines for so long after, this is definitely the world's best news. "Chen police officers, who ask the Four Seasons is why the cause of death" "Chen officer, what is involved here vendetta Or suicide" "Chen officer ......" Chen Youde headache watching the reporters, his brows Wei Zhou, before saying: "Sorry Ladies and gentlemen, what progress has been made, the police must inform you that the first time to the public an explanation." Then, Che. Authentic Jerseys www.artsshirt.com n Youde with people in a hurry to leave the Four Seasons Hotel. Reporters see Chen Youde leave, employees want from Four Seasons Hotel snooping mouth one or two, but the Four Seasons Hotel employees have a degree of professional integrity must, therefore refuses to talk about anything that happened today, but never one dares mention Chen Guan Yu appears in this, Ling Maimai missing something. The Four Seasons Hotel guests inside, seems to have remained silent, Guan Yu Chen was seen, but no one would dare open rash. After all, this circle is so big, no one way they take their future joke. Four Seasons Hotel thing, it seems to become outstanding cases, but more so, the more curious people. Even the rest of the Xu family far away in the United States also heard the news, brainer.Ling Maimai woke up to only feel sore neck, the kind of pain is a long time did not have before. The limbs are somewhat feeling blood barrier, which makes Ling Maimai quite tense. Subconsciously, to protect the back of her unborn child, for fear of the baby inside any problems when using the familiar fetal palm came when Ling Maimai heart was put down. However, for the faint of stomach pain, but also to Ling Maimai uneasy. For pregnant women, the pain is not a

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