it was end to end over a short period of ten minutes! Ten minutes

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happen." Ling Maimai smile. "But ......" the driver appeared to be very hesitant. "Do not worry. I'm in room 2301, a half-hour did not come down, then you come in, okay" Ling Maimai know what drivers fear to appease the driver's mood. "Good." This barely driver should sound. Then, after the driver nodded Ling Maimai schematic, we go to the hotel towards the inside. Driver saw Ling Maimai figure into the hotel, apart from anything else gave Guan Yu Chen a call. After all, Ling Maimai present situation, he can not take any responsibility. Moreover, Guan Yu Chen wrath, nor anyone willing to bear, that's terrible. The driver of the phone less than three seconds, it was Jiang Rui pick up. "Chen less in a meeting, what happened" Jiang Rui cold voice came from the other end of the phone. "Little lady went to the Four Seasons Hotel Room 2301, people did not follow." The driver truthfully informed. "Shadow of it" Jiang Rui immediately asked. "In the neighborhood, but the situation in the room, no one knows." This is .Womens Dak Prescott Jersey also the reason to worry about the driver. "Little lady say" Jiang Rui frown asked. "Little lady said, if they go into a half-hour, she has not come out, it is on to find her." The driver truthfully conveyed Ling Maimai words. "I will go to twenty minutes." Jiang Rui apart from anything else gave time. "Good." This assured the driver slightly down. Then he hung up the phone, did not leave, so in the hotel lobby waiting for Jiang Rui figure appeared. The shadow in the dark is followed Ling Maimai until Lingmai Mai into the room, he stopped down."So you satisfied" Lin Liqun anger against Xu Li and Cheng Xi said. "Of course." Xu Li is very rogue, "I'm a lawyer, I advise you to cooperate, I always do not like someone said to me this attitude, I never do things that people do not leave any room for." This, naked threat, Cheng Xi in the hands of a knife against Lin Liqun Xiangyebuxiang so, then as.Youth Dak Prescott Jersey long as Lin Liqun casual struggle, and he will bluntly knife through his carotid artery, so that he died instantly.
Xi Ling Maimai some dissatisfaction stare eye, this let go. Because Lingmai Mai said is true, indeed, if these files are not Lingmai Mai, then it is absolutely impossible to be an effective document. "Ling Maimai, you hurry to sign a word, we will not cause you how, otherwise, do not blame us some harm." Said Xu Li gloomy. This Lingmai Mai sat down again, but in the eyes of vigilance readily visible, as the mother is strong, it is every expectant mother has the instinct. "I would have no any interest in heritage. You do not need so painstakingly." Lingmai Mai said calmly. "Nobody would be not interested in money." Xu Ling Maimai force made clear did not believe the words, "What's more, you married into this impoverished people Kwan, no money backing, you have not fared well. Y. Authentic Jerseys www.artsshirt.com ou think you rely the belly of the children " "Do not think everyone's like you dirty!" Ling Maimai refute the. "Enough talk!" Xu Li patience is obviously not good. "You know my husband is president Kwan, you find they are not afraid of you" Chen Yu Ling Maimai take off the threat of force Xu. As a result, Xu Li uppity laughed: "Guan Yu Chen, you take him threaten our helpful, president of a group only, although Kwan money, so what you can do so on signing the word, we had He has gone away. everything here is fake. " "......" Ling Maimai first time feel a little speechless. I do not know too underestimate the force of Xu Guan Yu Chen ability Still a bit overestimating their intelligence Those things, not to mention Chen Guan Yu, even g the city police to be the first time to solve the case Still occupied their own foreign nationality so all kinds of evil "Ling Maimai, continue to check your word!" Cheng Xi Senleng voice. Ling Maimai this resume sign with the word file. Time is of the past, Ling Maimai the hands of fewer and fewer files up, but she did not hear any movement, it also allows Lingmai Mai tense up, had a calm heart began to not calm. Although, it was end to end over a short period of ten minutes! Ten minutes, can not dec

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