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Cheap Fashion Apparel just calm toward the
happen." Ling Maimai smile. "But ......" the driver appeared to be very hesitant. "Do not worry. I'm in room 2301, a half-hour did not come down, then you come in, okay" Ling Maimai know what drivers fear to appease the driver's mood. "Good." This barely driver should sound. Then, after the driver nodded Ling Maimai schematic, we go to the hotel towards the inside. Driver saw Ling Maimai figure into the hotel, apart from anything else gave Guan Yu Chen a call. After all, Ling Maimai present situation, he can not take any responsibility. Moreover, Guan Yu Chen wrath, nor anyone willing to bear, that's terrible. The driver of the phone less than three seconds, it was Jiang Rui pick up. "Chen less in a meeting, what happened" Jiang Rui cold voice came from the other end of the phone. "Little lady went to the Four Seasons Hotel Room 2301, people did not follow." The driver truthfully informed. "Shadow of it" Jiang Rui immediately asked. "In the neighborhood, but the situation in the room, no one knows." This is al.Womens Dak Prescott Jersey so the reason to worry about the driver. "Little lady say" Jiang Rui frown asked. "Little lady said, if they go into a half-hour, she has not come out, it is on to find her." The driver truthfully conveyed Ling Maimai words. "I will go to twenty minutes." Jiang Rui apart from anything else gave time. "Good." This assured the driver slightly down. Then he hung up the phone, did not leave, so in the hotel lobby waiting for Jiang Rui figure appeared. The shadow in the dark is followed Ling Maimai until Lingmai Mai into the room, he stopped down."So you satisfied" Lin Liqun anger against Xu Li and Cheng Xi said. "Of course." Xu Li is very rogue, "I'm a lawyer, I advise you to cooperate, I always do not like someone said to me this attitude, I never do things that people do not leave any room for." This, naked threat, Cheng Xi in the hands of a knife against Lin Liqun Xiangyebuxiang so, then as lon.Youth Dak Prescott Jersey g as Lin Liqun casual struggle, and he will bluntly knife through his carotid artery, so that he died instantly.
y no fear Cheng Xi guns. Xu Li and Cheng Xi compared it appears more panic, all of a sudden become a little overwhelmed again. For Guan Yu Chen, Xu Li is not know. But also because the point did not know Ling Maimai Chen Guan Yu things. Coupled with Chen Guan Yu never never exposed in the media, naturally, all the information is very little. Guan Yu Chen saw the moment when the instant, Xu Li felt the pressure to force people, the pressure of his breath, the kind of feeling regret Xiangyebuxiang would crest out. Compared to Xu Li, has been cornered Cheng Xi becomes more fearless. Although the hand was shaking, but Xiangyebuxiang on the front of a shot fired Chen Guan Yu, Guan Yu Chen did not even dodge, to not look at myself in front of the bullets flying. Cheng Xi's heart felt pain. Authentic Jerseys www.artsshirt.com fully. At this time, another bullet fired accurately Dangxia Chen Guan Yu bullets, bullets abruptly forced back to the front of Cheng Xi, so that the bullet directly into the heart of Xi Cheng. Cheng Xi double Yandeng boss, could not believe what was happening. His heart suddenly embedded bullets, even the last one breathing too late, people have been so upright fell down, shut it pleasing to the eye is too late, it made no any atmosphere. Clutching the hands of documents Xu Li, trembling hands, he turned in the opposite balcony ran to go. "I wanted to run" Jiang Rui Senleng voice. That pulled the trigger have not had time, Xu Li even been scared directly from the balcony fall down. Height of twenty seven, directly bloody, brains burst, not to have any chance of survival. Jiang Rui looked blankly Xu Li falls from a height, then slow Rees strip away the pistol, just calm toward the house to go to. Guan Yu and Chen Ling Maimai long been rapid with the direction of the hospital's drive away. "Barley." Along the way, Chen Guan Yu Ling Maimai constantly cried, "nothing would happen, I assure you, nothing would happen." "Ah Chen, you come, I am afraid!" Ling Maimai reluctantly opened his eyes to the sight of Yu Chen, her hanging heart put d

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