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Apples to apples is the second thing to consider. If the project has not been planned by you or one of the contractors everyone will be bidding on a different project. I know what you are going to say, "Its just a deck", or "only a fence". but the truth is a contractor if left to his own judgment will build to different specifications than others will. Keep the playing field level. When it comes to a fence, the number of boards range from 16 to 21 per section, 2 or 3 rails, the lattice box can have an additional block for stability and the lattice can be rattling around in dado rails or trimmed in.

Standard lattice, semi or full privacy, thin or thick, plastic post caps or wood. Footings can range between 2 deep and 4', concrete up to ground level or only in the bottom half of the hole, which will last longer? If the post hole is filled with concrete, your fence will grow in height every year due to frost, and each post will pop out at a different rate. Our fence plans go into all these things in detail, so whether you will build on your own or hire a contractor you may want to learn a little about fences so that you can dictate the specifications to the contractor rather than the other way around. You can buy fence plans by download here.

If you want to learn a little about fences and decks click.Deck specifications are quite another issue. Without a proper professional plan many issues can arise. There are literally hundreds of possible pitfalls and specifications that address them that must be considered. Generic plans from a local lumber retailer just dont address any of these, so you are best to talk to a professional deck designer if you want a well laid out, safe and long lasting deck.

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