Solid wood flooring prices vary

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White oak flooring in the solid wood floor, the price is more expensive. Many consumers love the wood floor, but I do not know the price difference between wood floor Why is it so? Xiao Bian bring you to know the white oak flooring and purchase! White oak floor price analysis. Before explaining the reasons for the high price of white oak,Environmentally Friendly Flooring-Wpc Material let us look at what is white oak. In fact, the oak has a white oak and red oak of the points, as the saying goes, often said, "white rubber is not white, red rubber is not red." The color and appearance of white oak is similar to that of European oak, with sapwood in light color and heartwood in light brown to dark brown.
The pattern of the oak also has the distinction of ruled and striated, the clearer the texture, the higher the value of the wood. Especially the North American white oak and so on because of its unique hydrolysis of tannins and lactones, as well as the natural ingredients of wood, for hundreds of years,Low maintenance swimming pool decking by foreign, especially France's major wineries are widely used to do the tall red wine barrels. Thus, the price of white oak is a lot of money. White oak prices are so high because white oak requires a lot of imports. Although China's oak and oak close to the texture, but China's high-quality oak is rare. Oak in Jilin, Liaoning, China has a larger output, Hubei Shennongjia and Shaanxi have a small amount of oak wood production, but the domestic production of oak wood diameter is small, coupled with the domestic does not form a specialized production, it is not an ideal furniture timber.
The import of white oak than red oak prices even higher, so to a certain extent, white oak furniture, etc. have a certain value of the collection. At the same time, white oak has its own merits determine its high-end prices. White oak has a relatively distinctive mountain-shaped grain, a good sense of touch, solid texture, high grade, wood or Ye Hao. In addition, the white oak wood processing is difficult, the use of oak wood-based solid wood furniture, flooring manufacturers have a strong production and processing capacity and technology requirements, therefore, high technology, the cost will rise,environmentally friendly flooring with the price of white oak Once again increased. White oak flooring prices are so high, so we buy white oak flooring, we must recognize the regularity of the floor manufacturers. Xiaobian suggested that we can refer to China's top ten brands of wood flooring, like nature, Shun, Bei Yake and other well-known wood flooring brands, these are good flooring manufacturers, I hope you can choose to their own wood flooring.
1, the thickness of water swelling: excellent product thickness of water swelling below 2.5%; first-class product of the thickness of the expansion of the value of water below 4.5%. Water bubbles, absorbent more than the poor quality. 2, the surface wear resistance: the floor because there is no wear-resistant layer or wear-resistant rotating speed is very low and is known as false floor, the floor surface and the real point of view of the composite floor without distinction, with sandpaper polished several times, Found decorative pattern was polished and immediately white. 3,Low maintenance wpc decking formaldehyde emission: A grade of formaldehyde emission value of 9mg / 100g or less. B-pole 9 to 40 mg / 100 g, to class B can be used. The quality of plastic laminate flooring determines the size of the pollution, good quality, low formaldehyde content. 4, the density: the density of qualified products ≥ 0.9g / cm3. Moisture content: Qualified moisture content in the range of 3.0-10.0%. People in the purchase of the floor, you can check through the product inspection certificate of these data, pick the mouth is straight. The integrity of the mouth is directly related to the life of the floor

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