How to maintain from the skid wooden floor?

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Wood floor installation pay attention to;one-third of pavement seven maintenance", that the surface of the floor from the packet problem is which part of the problem? 1, Minimal Maintenance outdoor flooring edge drum package. Wood flooring edge oval drum package, a single package appears in the middle of the two floors, some of the packets exist in the middle of the two floors; some even into one, showing irregular distribution in the room. 2, board drum package, wooden floor board oval-shaped package, a single package or multiple packages at the same time in the middle of the floor board, showing irregular distribution in the room.
uneven ground or sand on the ground, before the installation of wood flooring, because the ground is not clean, the ground there are some small particles of sand or the ground is too rough, the floor (1) the ground floor,Not split outdoor balcony flooring After installation, people in the stampede process, the moisture-proof membrane and the floor of the back of the balance layer is damaged, the ground tidal influx led to the floor drum package. (2) improper handling of moisture-proof, such conditions are installed improper moisture treatment.
In wet ground, if the moisture-proof membrane connection is not sticky with waterproof tape, although the floor of the back of the balance layer is not damaged, the floor for a long time in a humid environment, the balance layer is moisture erosion, moisture may enter the floor, So that the floor is damaged. ⑶ improper use,Corrosion-resistant balcony railings due to the floor patchwork at the water caused by the drum package phenomenon (such as: heating running water, a large area of ​​water, etc.), belonging to the user to use improper maintenance issues. 3, maintenance recommendations, compared with other types of wood flooring, laminate flooring is not particularly delicate, daily maintenance as long as a little attention, you can extend the life of laminate flooring, to avoid some problems.
In addition to product quality factors, the daily life of the ground floor can not be a large area of ​​water, the rainy season comes close at any time to close the windows, to avoid being wet; clean as far as possible with a vacuum cleaner or semi-dry mop to take care of, Can not use the dripping mop mopping the floor,best waterproof outdoor fence such as accidentally sprinkled water to strengthen the wood floor surface, immediately with a dry cloth to wipe the water to prevent water seepage from the floor seams.

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