All women want to breast enhancement

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Want to breast enhancement, then we must pay attention to in the diet and more to help strengthen the chest nutrition to add food. Such as rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements, glial and other foods.

Papaya: papaya has a good effect of breast enhancement, which is rich in papaya enzymes and vitamin A can help stimulate the secretion of female hormones to stimulate the development of the chest at the same time can also help shape the perfect breast shape.

Trotters: trotters rich in collagen protein, can help enhance the physiological metabolism of cells to help improve the body's physiological function and skin tissue cell water storage function, effective moisturizing cells, prevent premature skin folds, delay skin aging, but also Can effectively help to supplement the chest of the protein, maintain breast elasticity, promote breast.

Dumbbell exercise: dumbbell exercise can not only exercise the chest muscles can also exercise the arms and shoulders every day with 200 grams of dumbbell exercises about 15 minutes;Many people often underestimate the power of movement, in fact, appropriate exercise can definitely make our breasts become more perfect.Take a 2 kg small dumbbell or bungee cord do pump motor action, and the upper arm movements when you are walking, can reduce external expansion, eliminate the butterfly sleeves, improve the chest line.(dumbbell can be lifted up to 20 times, 20 times one side)besides that, you can buy bella cream usa or bella uk ,they are the same product,can promote breast up.

Swimming: swimming with moderator can be breast fitness, if you can not swim at home can also be prone in bed, the chest protruding in the bed with both hands to do swimming action is also possible;

Push-ups: push-ups can help Sternocostal muscle exercise, the specific method is to support his hands, knees straight and then toe to the ground, the body from the ground into a straight line, the body propped up after the body to maintain balance, Can be.

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