First choose the right for their own false eyelashes

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First choose the right for their own false eyelashes, and then the front and rear end of the false eyelashes cut off the stem, and then according to their own characteristics of the type of false eyelashes will be cut into short pieces of a short paragraph.

And then began to paste false eyelashes, the first start from the end of eye stickers, practices to light, fast, soft, under the eyelashes can not be attached as the lashes look so dense, Xiaobian suggested that the next best interval is 2mm paste next paragraph.

In the paste of the time to pay attention to the depth of the under the eyelashes, the general lower eyelashes to the middle of a more profound transition, posted a good look at the lashes after the overall effect.If you want to use latisse eyelash serum , patients that wear contact lenses remove them prior to applying Latisse treatment to their eyelashes. After latisse online has been applied, it is imperative that patients wait at least 15 minutes before putting contact lenses back into their eyes to avoid irritation.

Warm Tips

In the eyelashes before the eyelashes by hand before a slight bend, this can create a natural curvature.

After the end of the lashes after the eyelashes also need to brush on the mascara, so more natural slender.

The purchase of false eyelashes is impossible and eye-like, so you can cut off the long part.

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