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Wooden board: Wooden building materials are often used in home improvement materials, due to various factors, these different quality of the plate, because the user is not familiar with the material,Best composite flooring material are often likely to cause a range of problems. Here I will explain and introduce the wooden building materials, mainly wooden plywood side.

Wood classification: 1, according to material classification can be divided into: solid wood, wood-based panel two categories. At present,Recyclable WPC wall panel in addition to the floor and the door will use solid wood, the general use of the plates are man-made wood-based panel. 2, according to the molding classification can be divided into: solid board, plywood, fiberboard, decorative panels, fire boards and so on. Second, the species of wood 1, solid wood. As the name implies, solid wood panels are made of complete wood made of wood.Wood Plastic Outdoor Patio Pavilion These plates are durable, natural lines, is the decoration of the excellent choice. However, due to the high cost of such plates, and the construction process requires high, but not much in the decoration used.

Solid wood board generally in accordance with the real name of the classification plate, there is no uniform standard. Solid wood flooring in recent years, the most common decoration of a ground decoration materials. It is the quality of family life in China to improve a very significant symbol.Best Price Wood Plastic Garden Flooring Solid wood flooring has the advantages of solid wood, but because of its industrial production line by the factory production, uniform specifications, the construction is easy, even faster than the other plate construction, but its shortcomings are relatively high technological requirements. If the level of the construction workers is not enough, often cause a series of problems, such as arching, deformation and so on.

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