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Trouts OPS Increases With Each Plate Appearance - RealGM Wiretap Mike Trout is having a remarkable rookie season with the Angels and he keeps breaking the mold. The outfielder hasn't just been consistent Ronnie Lott 49ers Jersey , but has also improved as the season and each game wears on. His on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) goes up with every plate appearance he makes in a game -- .745 in his first, 1.108 in his second, then 1.323 and 1.474. "For me, seeing the pitcher a second a third time has really been the key," Trout said. "Because then I get to see what they've got, and anticipate how they're going to play me." Girardi A Rod Not Guaranteed Starting Role - RealGM Wiretap
Alex Rodriguez is not guaranteed to immediately return as the starting third baseman of the New York Yankees, according to Joe Girardi.

"We have to see where he is at," Girardi said. "I think that is the thing that we have to do. I believe he is going to be 40 next summer, and we need to see where he is physically at."

Rodriguez, who will turn 40 next July, will be removed from the restricted list at the end of the World Series.

During his yearlong suspension for his connection to the Biogenesis drug scandal, Rodriguez could have been with the Yankees, but all parties agreed to keep a distance after the contentious legal fight.

Jose Mourinho Claims To Have Had Good Options Since Dismissal - RealGM Wiretap

Jose Mourinho claims he has received several strong offers since he was fired by Chelsea.

Mourinho has remained silent on the continued links with Manchester United but admits has “options” ahead of his new job.

“I was lucky enough to have good options since I left Chelsea in December Patrick Willis 49ers Jersey ,” said Mourinho.

Mourinho has been most strongly linked to Manchester United.

“Yes, I was lucky enough to have not just options but good options but I made a decision to wait calm in my corner, not disturbing, just waiting, reading a few lies, listen to a few lies.

“The reality is that I want to work and normally July, mid-July, new pre-season starts and somewhere I want to be there.”

Rockies Enjoying Early Returns From Fowler Trade - RealGM Wiretap

The Colorado Rockies drew criticism when they traded Dexter Fowler to the Houston Astros for pitcher Jordan Lyles and outfielder Brandon Barnes this winter.

Fowler was an important piece for Colorado on both sides of the ball and the players they received in return were unproven.

However, Lyles has impressed early this season. He is 3-0 with a 2.93 ERA through five starts. He came into the season with a 14-29 career record and 5.35 ERA.

Barnes was expected to begin the season at Triple-A, but earned himself a roster spot in spring training.

He is hitting .360.429.440 in 50 at-bats, career-highs across the board.

ms that many golfers are confused as to whether objects on the course are loose impediments or movable obstructions. This is an important distinction to make, as there are a number of relevant Rules where players could incur penalties if they get it wrong.

In fact, in most cases Joe Montana 49ers Jersey , the distinction should be easy enough. Loose Impediments are natural objects and movable obstructions are anything artificial that can be moved without unreasonable effort. Here is a sample list of some of the items that may be encountered on the golf course during a round;

Loose Impediments (natural) Movable Obstruction (artificial)
Stones Bunker rakes
Leaves Other players golf clubs
Branches and twigs Stakes (except out of bounds)
Pine cones Signage and ropes
Dung and droppings Bottles and cans
Insects Score cards
Worms and their casts Pens and pencils
Spiders and their webs Paper, tissues
Half-eaten fruit Plastic bags
Fruit skins Packets and boxes
Ant hills Toys
Dead birds and animals Match sticks or cigarettes
Aeration plugs Abandoned balls
Clods of earth Loose stones from a wall
Gravel Wood manufactured into planks
Crushed shells Cables
Wood chips Doors or windows

Be aware, that under the Rules sand and loose soil are loose impediments on the putting green, but not elsewhere; snow and natural ice, other than frost, are either casual water or loose impediments, at the option of the player; and dew and frost are not loose impediments.

Some loose impediments may be transformed into obstructions through processes of construction or manufacturing. For example, a log (loose impediment) that has been split and has legs attached has been changed by construction into a bench (obstruction), or a piece of wood (loose impediment) becomes an obstruction when manufactured into a charcoal briquette. Also, there may be loose impediments that when placed together make up an obstruction. An example of this would be a manufactured path (immovable obstruction) made of wood chips. If a players ball lies on such a path and he chooses not to take relief then he may move any of the wood chips before making his stroke, providing that he does not move his ball in doing so,

Except when both the loose impediment and the ball lie in, or touch Jerry Rice 49ers Jersey , the same bunker or water hazard, any loose impediment may be moved. But if the player causes their ball to move while removing the loose impediment, they are penalised one stroke and the ball must be replaced, unless the ball is on the putting green when there is no penalty.

Movable obstructions can be removed anywhere on the course, including when the ball lies in a hazard, and there is no penalty if the ball moves during the removal, but again it must be replaced where it was before it was moved. If the ball lies in or on the obstruction, the ball may be lifted and the obstruction removed. The ball must then be dropped, or on the putting g.

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