The choice is to use an inexpensive building product

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Vinyl siding products on the other hand are available in a limited amount of colors and the grain and texture in vinyl siding doesn't compare to cedar siding. Cedar's grain and texture is difficult to duplicate artificially. These primed and prefinished cedar products are developed under ideal temperature and humidity conditions, with the cedar substrate dried to the proper moisture content for superior paint adhesion. Studies show that 70% of the cost of home siding is recouped when selling the home.

However, cheaper vinyl siding will not contribute to the resale value as well as finished cedar siding products will. Your investment in cedar siding may be fully recovered when you sell your home. Vinyl siding products account for a large share of all siding products sold in the Eastern US, however they are purchased because of perceived lower cost and maintenance. The average homeowner often makes the decision to buy siding only when an emergency situation arises such as severe deterioration, plans to sell the home, or damaging moisture or water penetration is occurring. The choice is to use an inexpensive building product in the hope that it will impress and serve the short term need.
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