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Until expiration - - it's not only the performance of the assets of the two things that are profitable businesses. For example, assuming the truth of our dealer and silver 83% before agreeing to pay out only a month-to-month and rose 1.1%, to 1.3% gold. Gold has lost 2%, but if the same is true of silver has lost 3%.The "fix" is an example of the options was based on the couple. The main terms of the option contract Couple Contract "floating". Instead of the option agreements for the purchase of these assets to the performance of the circuit, but with the "float" allowed. Because most assets can range from a few percent better return-related assets, resulting in a rate structures, which can grow quite large differences in the type of contract for this, which have underperformed the other spouse's assets and property, to achieve more than 600%.

It is likely to expire worthless. If it is not the end ... it's great to be ITM.Investors may not be aware that the introduction of a new audience may work for the introduction of new financial products, which is a simple introduction to the subject of any kind of adequate education and the purpose does not exist.Founded in March 2010, to ensure education about going out to a wider audience, but in a couple of relatively well-known in the world of options trading and binary options....The transaction to create a new type of currency option trading from investors to open an entirely new field called binary option. In the last days, the only people who can benefit from the movement of currency options trading and parallel trading, using millions of dollars of capital to investors in a big fish.


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