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freezer temperature did not meet the requirements of the thermostat temperature so non-stop.Compressor non-stop, day and night the freezer may cause refrigerant refrigeration temperature limit.This phenomenon is most occurred in cold air cooled refrigerator.Because the fridge evaporator defroster is broken, the ice wall.Cannot be ruled out air cooling fan is broken,

and the refrigerator items too much to block a outlet, caused due to poor cooling effect. the freezer temperature refrigerator freezer temperature is as the freezer temperature adjusting automatically adjust, can put the lower temperature of the freezer.Usually 4 to 10 degrees freezer temperature is normal.Pay attention to the number the lower the temperature the greater the temperature controller, digital be larger in summer,

winter Numbers are small.And often open the fridge door, refrigerator items more, cause the refrigerator is not cooling or cooling effect is not ideal. look at the refrigerator compressor compressor can start, pull down back to the trachea blocked exports with finger, check the pressure is much, such as too low, they problems existed in the compressor can't start the compressor,
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