How to have thick eyelashes

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To create a thick volume eyelashes, almost all women are eager to long thick thick eyelashes, you want to attract everyone's attention, to draw a more curly than the Barbie thick eyelashes it!xlash eyelash reviews is the most popular eyelash growth serum in 2016, Most women are almost like long, curly eyelashes,Looks like a barbie doll is as lovely as beautiful.But the reality is always cruel, most of the women's eyelashes is very short, sparse, try other methods, such as vitamin E, ginger, still can not reach their desired results,So, you can choice the xlash .

Eyelashes to be long enough to Alice is thick enough to magnify your charming eyes. False eyelashes can really achieve such a stunning effect, but often sticky paste paste no doubt in the damage to the eyes, mascara brush bad and there will always be dirty "fly leg" effect. The following Xiaobian for you Weapon How to use baby powder to help brush eyelashes, teach you cleverly build roots and clear curl thick electric eyelashes!

Before: Before the mascara, eyelashes will show short and scarce state, the whole eye makeup does not look layered, even the eyes are dull, mediocre.

First of all, choose a fitting eyelash curler curve, in accordance with the eyelashes roots, the middle of the eyelashes, eyelashes in the order of the end of the clamp, and at least stay in each site for at least 8 seconds, so that eyelashes will show a smooth curling curvature , Rather than a corner that the visual sense.

Start from the roots of the eyelashes to the end of eyelashes brush, you want to be more rich curling effect can also be mascara is not dry before brushing a layer. Recommended for a long-lasting non-Tuozhuang praise Mascara: Ardency Inn stunning thick curly mascara, a unique nourishing wax formula, a full day lubrication is not dry, can always fill brush eyelashes and will not blooming off, can be described as extraordinary eyes Makeup artifact.

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