South Korea can lead the trend

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Woman is an angel, is protected by a man, if you draw a most popular Korean innocent makeup, I believe that people will always want to protect the feeling, make you look more charming, charm index instantly increased.

first step:
After doing the work of the face of the earth began to part of the eye makeup, the first to take brown eye shadow pen from the end of the eye, inward blooming; and then take the rice white eye shadow, from the eye head pen, outward blooming. This will be able to draw on the eye head to the end of eye, from shallow to deep natural gradient eye shadow.

The second step:
Eyeliner, first draw an outer eyeliner, the main role is to paste false eyelashes to find the location, so do not draw very fine. But after the eyelash paste must remember to add a good liner.

third step:
False eyelashes, false eyelashes in the wear before the eyelash curler folder Alice own eyelashes, and then choose a more natural false eyelashes, false eyelashes paste the location of their eyelashes in the top, close to the roots of eyelashes. Do not forget to use your mascara eyelashes and false eyelashes to brush together, the use of natural models of false eyelashes, this is very important to help maintain the shape of the eyelashes upturned and increased presence.

the fourth step:
Under the eye shadow, take dark brown eye shadow from the end of the pen from the end of a natural transition under the liner, and then use mascara brush under the eyelashes, must have patience Oh!Women with long and beautiful lashes look more elegant and sexy.?Also you can't ignore the health of your eyelash, health eyelash make you looks youthful and active.?Every women admire Audrey Hepburn's eyelash.?And now , we can tell you it's not a dream.careprost for sale can help you have long and thick eyelash,besides that, some women latisse buy online store.they are different product, but they are used eye makeup.

the fifth step:
Eyebrows, in fact, more than a few strokes painted eyebrows to be able to master the method, the first outline with the eyebrow pencil basic eyebrow, and then fill the right amount of eyebrow color fill OK.

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