How to have an enviable nose

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You always admire foreigners have tall, tall nose? You only have a flat nose, or even want to move the knife pad nose? Tell you! As long as 4-step make-up, you can save your nose, let her see Up natural upright. Even the moment the effect of face-lift! The nose is located in the face of the central point, is the most protruding face organ, a straight nose for your facial features extra points, how to make nose nose straight? So that the nose is the most effective way is to use the color contrast of light and shade.

1. After cleaning the skin, in order to avoid the negative effects of make-up on the face and for more lasting effect, we need to use moisturizing skin care products.

2, the makeup before, in order to make the skin more delicate, we need to use the pores to modify products, especially those with large pores of the skin, pore modification products can make makeup look more complete and lasting.The talika eyelash growth brand began in 1948 with a focus on creating innovative and effective aids for various beauty needs of women.?The company's laboratories continue to develop new and lilash products to treat common beauty concerns.?The full collection ranges from eye brow conditioners and extenders to eye makeup remover, nail regenerating serum, and more.

Now apply on the bridge of the nose on the first liquid foundation for the initial modification, and then on the bridge of the nose on both sides of the smear on the foundation of the first, the end of the makeup began to build on the nose contour.

High-light appears more three-dimensional, looking after the T-area after the fight skin, making the face look more three-dimensional, and then the action on the bridge of the nose to sweep the high beam, pay attention to the direction of scanning must be vertical, because it can produce straight from the visual The sense of lines in the extension of the effect, in order to build high straight nose, highlight the three-dimensional.

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