How to bid farewell to the sad makeup

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by eggles • 946 Posts

1. Do not remove the dead skin because the skin is too dry.
The natural pace of skin renewal will not stop the invasion of the cold wind. Recommended honey plus a combination of yellow sugar, honey nourish the skin, remove the horny yellow sugar fine soft to keep the skin new.

2. Make-up time on the case, try to use the skin cream to do bedding, and then smear essence to the face to be a depth of SPA, but remember not to use too nourishing cream, or not a few hours, the face Makeup will shine can Kam.lilash eyelash serum bring women more achievability through enhancing their lashes become longer and darker.we are not worried about the genetic shortcomings,for example,some of people have the thin, short lashes since they were born,which was caused by genes.lilash purified make your dream come true,you will own the long and attractive lashes in less than 2 months,it's easy to apply and will not affect to your life.

3. Use moist foundation liquid makeup and other products, and finally drop a drop of essence with the palm of your hand warm, tap on the face to absorb. This method, the key is in the makeup on the face and then tap the essence of a liquid, so that the face to keep shiny state. In the fashion week background, must be in a very short period of time, so that the skin model showing the perfect state of Guangrun. Cheats in the liquid foundation to add the essence, mixed evenly with the largest number of loose brush to circle the way, smear the whole face to the foundation absorption.

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