Glamor Eyes Make you a party queen

in Welcome to the Forum ! Sat Jan 07, 2017 3:42 am
by eggles • 943 Posts

Before attending the party, in addition to the daily basis of skin care, the end of the choice and use of makeup has become the first step in formal make-up. Angel said that the key to Christmas makeup is bright white color, you can choose a BB cream control oil. This BB cream texture is fine, uniform particles, good ductility, can be a perfect fit the skin, smooth fine lines, invisible pores, cover blemishes, make skin healthy glow.

With the end of makeup, the other key step is the foundation. Ms. can choose some fine dual-use powder, delicate cover facial blemishes, instantly glowing skin beautiful light feeling. Ladies and women remember the basis of their own color to choose the color of the foundation, the skin is not flawed MM, as far as possible choose the color of the color paste on the line. For flawed women, you can consider a little white side of the color number. However, do not white too exaggerated, Christmas is not Halloween.

Charm eye makeup, carnival Christmas party, mostly arranged in the light is relatively dark, or with a color light environment. This environment and atmosphere, full of shiny metallic eye makeup, is the best choice. Angel said, metallic eye makeup can bring feminine sexy charm. In particular, MM would like to create a mature party in a little sexy charm, you can choose some long-term eyeliner, with three-dimensional eye shadow (such as Star Youlan), you can create attractive results.lilash eyelash serum bring women more achievability through enhancing their lashes become longer and darker.we are not worried about the genetic shortcomings,for example,some of people have the thin, short lashes since they were born,which was caused by genes.lilash purified make your dream come true,you will own the long and attractive lashes in less than 2 months,it's easy to apply and will not affect to your life.

For the zero-based make-up ladies, Angel suggested that the first folds along the painted line painted color, and then the color will be slightly pushed up evenly, will soon form a touch of small smoke. Multi-color eye shadow is often easier to color and color evenly, to create multi-level three-dimensional effect.

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