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At times some may say they look like friendly little people with cone hats. Others find them so ugly that they build brick walls to hide them. The businesses that these two men run have been in competition for a long time in terms of making, installing and fixing the ubiquitous brown tanks with their cone shaped tops.

And both men are tickled that in an age of computers, skyscrapers and synthetics, most New Yorkers get their water via a wooden barrel on the roof. Gentlemen who run the company with his 32 year old brother and their mother said that when he tells people the tanks are wood, they donít believe it. People normally say that those tanks look like they are made out of steel or Plexiglas.

These days some water tanks are made of steel. As a matter of fact, US steel makerís Manhattan headquarters gets water from wooden tanks. How long do the tanks last? Normally it lasts too long that this gentleman shares they just replaced a tank that his father had put up in 1926.

Currently places like Chicago adidas superstar blanche doré , Philadelphia and elsewhere have wooden water tanks, but only in New York, with its great density of tall apartment buildings, are they fixtures on the landscape. Actually you canít have a skyline without the tanks. For water to always be running, be sure the pumps must run constantly.

Most of the time, Rooftop tanks are more efficient. Actually the electrical pumps kick in only when the water in the barrel drops below a certain level. You have to keep in mind that by law adidas superstar pas cher , buildings that are 80 feet or taller must have the tanks, for firefighting reasons. Waiting for the firefighters to arrive, Water from the tank is often used to keep flames from reaching passages out of a burning building.

Most of these tanks have two hookups, the one for drinking water, located at mid-tank, and the one for firefighting adidas superstar soldes , located at the bottom of the tank. Redwood or cedar staves make up these tanks which are cut to size in the factory, assembled on the roof and encircled by galvanized iron hoops.

Since there are hoops pressing in and the water pressing out, it makes it watertight. In reality an average tank holds 10,000 gallons, stands 12 feet high and is mounted on a steel structure 20 feet high.

With the height tanks work on a windy day dangerous and often impossible. This kind of tanks is made at a factory in Philadelphia, about two hours from its offices on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Nearly all the cityís water tanks are handled by one company.

One controversy that rises is whether this company is related to their competitor. Their versions might be different but both agree that their products are aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately puma creepers rihanna velvet , the yuppie that lives on the Upper East Side, who just bought his apartment, stated he doesnít want to see a water tank when he looks outside.

For more information on water tanks check out rain water tanks.To keep learning about water tanks be sure to check out rainwater tank.

Jim Johnson Struggling With Athletics - RealGM Wiretap

Jim Johnson has made five appearances with the Oakland Athletics so far this season, posting a 18.90 ERA, 4.50 WHIP and a blown save.

Johnson has faced 26 batters and 16 of them have reached base. He's walked six and struck out four. Batters are hitting .529, albeit with no extra-base hits and a .600 BABIP.

The Athletics acquired Johnson from the Baltimore Orioles this offseason.

McGrady Retires From Professional Baseball - RealGM Wiretap

Tracy McGrady collected his first professional strikeout and retired from baseball on the same night.

"That is definitely going in the trophy case puma creepers rihanna violet ," McGrady said from the dugout following his Wednesday outing. "I told some of the guys that I am going to get a strikeout before I stop playing. I got it in the second inning. Thank you Jesus."

McGrady threw 1 13 innings in the Atlantic League's All-Star Game on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old McGrady had a 6.75 ERA in four appearances (6 23 innings) with the Sugar Land Skeeters. He allowed four hits and five runs.

"It has been a tremendous ride," McGrady said. "It is my last game today. I informed the team this would be my last outing and I appreciate them giving me this opportunity to start the game and enjoy this great mid-summers classic.

"This has been an awesome year. Not having my basketball career end the way I wanted but having the opportunity to be friends with some of the guys and get to know them and compete with them, learn from them every day, it's been an honor."

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