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Angels Getting Ready For At Least Partial Sale - RealGM Wiretap
The Los Angeles Angels are preparing themselves for at least a partial sale Cheap Jerseys , according to rival executives.

Billy Eppler has denied those reports, saying: "I want to give it an opportunity to see what it looks like with a little more health."

A Mike Trout trade is highly doubtful, but they have some other young pieces that might fetch long-term assets.

At 29-37, the Angels are 12.5 games back of the Texas Rangers in the American League West.

Overbays Play Allowing Teixeira To Fully Heal - RealGM Wiretap

The New York Yankees have received unexpected production from Lyle Overbay, which has allowed them to go "methodically" in letting Mark Teixeira heal from a partial tear in his wrist.

"We are going to make sure he is strong and healthy and pain free," general manager Brian Cashman said.

Rockies Wont Deal LaTroy Hawkins - RealGM Wiretap

The Colorado Rockies do not plan to trade LaTroy Hawkins ahead of Thursday afternoon's trade deadline.

The Rockies discussed Hawkins with the Pittsburgh Pirates and other clubs.

Colorado plans to exercise a $2.25 million option on Hawkins for the 2015 season.

DHs Have Struggled Mightily In 2013 - RealGM Wiretap

The designated hitter slot was created to improve offense in the American League, but it hasn't been very successful this season.

AL designated hitters have a .246.325.409 line in 2013 Wholesale Jerseys From China , against .256.321.405 for all AL hitters.

Only the Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners have an .800+ OPS from their DHs.

The country continues to be plagued by illiteracy. The reason is simple. The country continues to be under the heel of some of the most reckless and reprehensible experts imaginable.

They make little children memorize the SHAPES of words, which most little children simply cant do. Ergo, these children experience major reading and cognitive problems.

Don Potter, the phonics guru and as well a teacher in Texas, recently sent me this illuminating note: This has been a banner year for me. I have rescued dozens of students from the clutches of the sight-word monster. I am looking forward to rescuing more in the year to come. The parents marvel that I have been able to improve their children\s reading with phonics in a very short time. They are also very upset to learn that their children were suffering Wholesale NFL Jerseys , not genetic defects that screwed up neural pathways, but old fashioned artificially induced whole-word dyslexia caused by sight-word instruction. Every student coming to me has a copy of the Dolch Sight Vocabulary List in their Homework Folder.

Note that the parents had embraced the idea that their kids were mentally impaired (dyslexic) but are now shocked to find that the kids are normal! (In fact, its the school that is mentally impaired.) There in a few dozen words is the whole story of dyslexia in our time. Parents and kids accept the schools faulty diagnosis but in many cases will be angry with you if you tell them, sorry, youre fine but you are the victim of a hoax. (I have a video on YouTube called \The Strange Truth About Dyslexia.\ People leave really violent comments on it.)

QED: the Dolch Sight Vocabulary List should be removed from every school.

Now, I want to give you a little more detail about the reading debate… but not too much! Reading theory quickly becomes murky; and I believe our Education Establishment uses the general confusion to keep their bad ideas in play.

Happily, Ive found an excellent way to explore some of the subtleties. Raymond Laurita was a major crusader 40 years ago; in 1967 he published an article titled Errors Children Make in Reading. Ive cut his article down to the best parts; and I promise you will be glad you read them. They explain how Sight-Words do their evil work:


\On hearing the errors of these unfortunate children Wholesale Jerseys , the first impulse is to attribute them to a lack of intelligence or even some form of mental aberration. The linguistic monstrosities these children perpetrate appear to be without semblance of logic or consistency…

\The primary cause of reading difficulties in virtually all of the over 700 cases of reading disability I have treated over the years was related to difficulties the child encountered in attempting to cope with the problems imposed by whole configurations….

\When a child is exposed to a whole word configuration such as \could\ for example, without sufficient preparation, we are literally opening a Pandoras Box of possible confusions….

\To the immature child who hasnt developed adequate visual and auditory identity and association between individual language symbols and the words they form, the word \could\ will undoubtedly be confused later with a variety of configurations; among them: cold, called, cloud, canned Cheap Jerseys From China , cooled, clawed, cord, would, should, etc….It isnt difficult for the more than casual observer to understand why so many children become reading problems. They simply cannot cope fast enough with the need to learn numerous and unrelated whole word configurations on a purely visual basis.

\It must be remembered that children who learn by the sight method, and this constitutes the majority of children in the United States Cheap NFL Jerseys , have been scientifically conditioned during the initial exposure period to a learning experience which by its very nature elicits a purely visual response to a configuration without assistance from auditory clues. No sincere educator can pretend that this initial exposure period hasnt a most profound and enduring effect on the immature child, for by a series of carefully arranged stimulus-response activities, he has been literally co.

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