Production technology of flat - mouth wood floor

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1. The flat flooring is made of solid wood without any pasting. It is smooth and smooth with the flat planing machine. It has no groove around the rectangle, the square is perpendicular to each other. The floor is currently the type of solid wood flooring, the market share of the highest of about 60% or more, regardless of the form of a mouth that floor, in the back of the floor, the floor is the floor, Are equipped with a slot, the groove commonly known as the vent slot, in fact, said anti-deformation groove more accurate.

Anti-deformation groove in the wooden floor structure play a role in reducing moisture deformation Why can have this effect, the reason is: Under normal circumstances, the ground must be laid in the dry, but inevitably, some cement curing time is not enough, also contains water , When the laying of the floor, the floor in a sealed state at this time in the cement containing water gradually from the cement to seepage and evaporation, but the floor has been paved in a sealed state, the water can not evaporate into the atmosphere, so that Can only be absorbed by the floor, the first state of water absorption is the back of the floor, and then gradually upward along the back of the floor.

Absorption rate of the back of the largest, followed by the middle, at least the upper, due to different absorption rate, the expansion of the plate is not uniform, from the side view of the tile-like side rolled up under the arch arch, commonly known as tiles. If the back of the floor with a narrow slot, so that the width of the fibers arranged in the direction of the separation of the composition of grouping state, the water to produce the force is not concentrated in a line surface, but the segment, so that its bending deformation is not concentrated Edge, so from the appearance of observation, the bending deformation can be greatly reduced, or even minimal

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