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carefully placed all kinds of chemical materials, chemical defense and take a certain partition measures. the construction, should not be too large construction, maintain a certain limit.In order to avoid the air contains a lot of toxic substances and cause poisoning, explosion and other accidents. debugging, paint, paint construction,

should keep indoor and ventilated.4, the use of chemical materials, to bring rubber gloves and other protective measures.5, for an object or material, don't mess with a mess.6, don't without expert guidance to allocate chemical raw materials.7, for strong acid, strong alkali, strong volatile materials to strengthen security protection.A family to decorate construction to prevent the theft of materials, fire prevention, prevent material being water bad,

decorate pay attention to safety, pay attention to safety electricity and chemical materials, construction, etc.More decorate construction points for attention, please continue to focus on house decoration net. is Chinese after the reform and opening up was the first Sino foreign owned electronics enterprises. Konka company produces all kinds of electronic products, electronic information enterprises China leading, in the same industry,
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