Beat the furniture business is who?

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by qianyuqianxun • 69 Posts

Repeatedly furniture business in the market reshuffle or shutting down the factory, or bankruptcy, once the scenery of the octogenarian entrepreneur with a helpless look to leave,cheap plastic beach lounge chairs leaving a sigh: "The market is too difficult to engage in", "opponents too Powerful "... ... between words, mostly complaining and annoying, little reflection and the police province.
Indeed, the industry's lakes has never been a bliss of pure land, in the context of increased economic downward pressure, the law of the jungle "forest law" is even more brutal - lost their homes to survive,camping directors chairs folding with the fall of the furniture sector "Weak rabbit", there are some "strong lion." These phenomena in the distraught sigh, people not only to ask: Who is defeated the furniture business? Beat the enterprise, is the market? The answer is no.
As we all know, the market is an invisible hand. More and more standardized in the market today, the furniture industry can only follow the laws of the market to operate, if the "inverse" and the line, the more persistent, the more likely to be eliminated. Nowadays has entered the era of e-commerce,modern cafe furniture finland furniture, brand promotion, investment, cooperation, transactions increasingly transparent norms, the early development of the industry, "profiteering" era gone.
Advancing with the times, should be the potential for enterprises to maintain stability and development of the basic tasks. Obviously, some furniture companies, because of the concept of backwardness, slow, guarding the "treasure" do not work, laissez-faire market "weeds", because the vision is not open, products should not be required, promotion is not timely, Market "invisible hand" manipulation, can only be reluctant to go. In the same market environment, some furniture companies to "cunning rabbit three caves" for the survival of the Road, both to protect the "nest grass", but also hard work "big grass garden", agile, strong physique,card table and chairs set withstood the test of the market, very nourishing Living in the moment. Markets such as sun and rain moisture all things, fair selfless. Under the sky, and some companies conform to the natural, grow stronger, bear fruit; some enterprises go against the line, declining. Can be seen, beat the business, not the market.

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