variety of cooperation methods

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Sino-Russian economic cooperation has entered a new era of comprehensive development, bilateral trade volume has been growing for seven consecutive years, is expected to record highs throughout the year. This is the economic base and opportunities for investment cooperation between the two sides. It is gratifying that the two sides have seized the opportunities in a timely manner, outdoor deck for sale
adopted a variety of cooperation methods, including the establishment of the Sino-Russian Investment Promotion Conference mechanism, and promoted Sino-Russian investment cooperation. In recent years, the scale of investment cooperation between the two countries has doubled and made breakthrough progress. 1 x 2 composite decking
In the first and second Sino-Russian Investment Promotion Conference, the two sides signed a total of 19 projects, the Chinese investment totaled 2.15 billion US dollars. To promote the smooth implementation of these projects, the Chinese and Russian government departments and enterprises have made great efforts. Mainly: First, do a good job in organizing and coordinating, solid advance the implementation. decorative wood plastic fence panels

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