Some make-up techniques can make you have a beautiful face

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Taboo matters: Do not use a strong foundation to cover acne, otherwise it would have to plug the pores worse, do not choose shiny looking finish, otherwise it will make acne look more obvious.

Extension of maintenance: to keep the towel of health, to prevent mite on the skin infection. Should be appropriate to add some complex B vitamins, can regulate the secretion of oils and fats, oily skin to reduce the possibility of acne.

Mask: the complexion is generally concentrated in the T-site, to learn to use blush to adjust the color, while the use of color separation effect of the Cream to increase the face of the three-dimensional, natural color can be bright many.

Fake makeup to do Lai: use purple Cream base to neutralize the skin's dark yellow, bright color. And then partial purple blush for facial modification, the brush on the powder used to brush the lower jaw. Finally, purple lip gloss can make facial color more uniform.Beauty products often aim to make us feel better about ourselves in one way or another. The basis for li lash products is to help women feel more serene and happier, according to the vision of the company's president, Alexis de Brosses.The lilash eyelash growth product line includes treatments for eyes, hands, and nails.

Taboo matters: the use of light than the color of the foundation is not cover the dark complexion, but will be like wearing a mask as unnatural.

Extension of maintenance: massage the nose to the temple, the forehead to the temple, the jaw to the temple 3, lymphatic drainage can accelerate the metabolism of toxins. With astaxanthin containing products can effectively remove free radicals, promote the decomposition of toxins, skin and thus restore white health.

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