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Blush of makeup, is the cake on the strawberries, dessert after lunch, although the supporting role, but absolutely indispensable. Want a little face effect, you want to lovely pink makeup, can not fail to pay attention blush playing Korea, and now teach you to create a lovely pink makeup, how to paint blush more perfect.

Step 1: sweet makeup 100% painting is in the positive, Laughter muscle the highest place to round the way, there are inside out, gradually halo open, creating a sense of natural foundation flush.

Step 2: create three-dimensional, small face pink makeup, with a sponge puff dipped into a thin layer of blush cream, gently point in the laugh muscle at the top.

Step 3: with the pulp to the zygomatic bone gently around the point to push.li lash make women having longer and fuller eyelashes is certainly more beneficial. careprost eyelash growth is an artificial analogue of the naturally occurring prostamide that is a prostaglandin. This chemical is creates different actions within the various cells of the body. The aqueous humour is the eye solution that is the draining structure of the eye.careprost bimatoprost is produced to sustain the normal eye pressure. The Bimatoprost 0.03% is bind to the same receptors in the eye as prostamide.

Step 4: with a large blush brush dipped in a light pink pink blush, the way to sweep, sweep on the blush.
Pink makeup blush to create three-dimensional beauty makeup

Step 5: Finally, with a lip brush dipped in pink lip gloss applied to the lips, increasing the makeup look of the matte finish.

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