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the road is very far away, thank you very much for the arrival, thank you! Or to greet: Dear Zhang Chairman, Lv Bin Secretary-General, ladies and gentlemen, the media friends and the European floor colleagues: Good evening! Today is the European floor of the 2010 Spring Festival, the theme of this year's annual meeting is: "to create a miracle of faith, with confidence to write brilliant," Recalling the past, the European floor plant in 2002 has been eight years, The floor every year in the steady growth, even in the case of the 2009 financial crisis, the European floor of the overall sales or an increase of 30%.Recyclable wood plastic composite pergola Summary of the reasons for success: learning is the core competitiveness of enterprises.

I have led my team at Peking University, together into training companies, Chinese business school learning, in the learning process thanks to Peking University students, together into a teacher, Chinese students on our Support and help. But the most important thanks to my mentor, he in 1997 to guide me on this road to success, he asked us to be honest, treat our family, treat our employees, treat our customers ; Work to be down-to-earth, do a region, it is necessary to do a good job in this region, the consumer service, who won the consumer, who will win the market. He is my mentor, but also my leadership, he is our chairman Zhang Changli, very grateful to him for his help to me has been the spur, only today I can stand on this stage, thank you! Summary European successful experience of the floor, that is the word "is not simple" is not simple is to do simple things every day.

say a little more if it is to say three more words: the prospective party can only be one Fan career; and people who can hold a career; long-term strategy to develop a career! Our chairman gave us to set a three-year long-term development strategy, that is to make a strong regional brand development into a national brand. What is the final stage of enterprise development is not important, it is important in the development process so that employees, consumers get benefits, so that our agents, partners and the community benefit, this is our ultimate goal of development. I believe that under the correct leadership of the company, under the guidance of the European team's joint efforts, in the presence of you with the support and help, the European floor will continue to write brilliant. Finally, I wish all of you here, as well as partners who have worked with the European floor, as well as employees who have worked in the European floor.
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