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Reading, mass.: Addi- biscuit son-Wesley, 1994.
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Ethical and Social Issues in the Information Age.
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be global, variables within a procedure or function are local to that unit of code.
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2nd ed.
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• C++ is generally used for fundamental applications, At the same time, generalist web developers will be able to particularly those that must work at the system level do more.
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printint (total); A working programmer faced with a new task first tries end to think of familiar algorithms that might be applicable to the current problem, perhaps with some adaptation.
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While from share a resource such as an automated tape library or disk the computer’s point of view, the user is opening, modify- RAID, while NAS is an efficient way to allow files to be cen- ing, and saving a succession of separate files, the user often trally stored but readily shared.
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The current created a magnetic field that • The need for a small "footprint"—that is, minimizing moved the corresponding counter dial forward one posi- the space taken up by the equipment.
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Embedded: "Thinking inside the Box." Available online.
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features that increase anonymity of users (see anonymity and the inteRnet) or use encryption.
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sequencing of the human genome well ahead of schedule was thus a triumph of computer science as much as biology.
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that have the potential to transform society while making Spector, Robert.
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become the only practical way to keep up.
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the pixel information for detailed graphics objects.
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His innovative Cray computers looked— Accessed September 9, 2007.
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Accessed September 21, 2007.
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