Stainless steel tubes for petrochemical industry

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Stainless steel tubes for petrochemical industryWith the petrochemical plant production capacity to improve the processing capacity, as well as the amount of alloy and stainless steel pipe accounted for the proportion of the total increase in the proportion of steel refining crude oil increased the proportion of refined oil and the quality requirements are increasingly The higher the demand for Φ219mm above the large diameter steel pipe is greatly improved.jiangsu steel Group Co. LtdPetrochemical stainless steel is mainly 304,316 and 316L; alloy steel to Cr5Mo and other heat-resistant steel-based. As the Cr5Mo steel in the use of some problems, to be gradually to the Cr9Mo steel (usually called semi-stainless steel, cold rolled steel sheet priceJapan will also heat-resistant steel statistics to stainless steel) transition, the service life can be increased 3 to 4 times. At present, the petrochemical industry needs about 40,000 tons of stainless steel pipe.Стальная Оцинкованная Квадратная Труба Astm A53 ErwChemical industry is a large user of stainless steel tube, the annual demand for stainless steel tube about 30,000 t, of which the largest amount of fertilizer industry, the highest requirements. Chemical industry with stainless steel pipe has the following characteristics:Ba Surface 430 Stainless Steel Circle

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