Neymar uses 10 minutes to say goodbye to Barca

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Nei Maer transfer big Paris deal has been officially finalized, fifa 18 coins the Brazilian star also went to Barcelona and the club staff to say goodbye. However, Nei Maer and his teammates farewell ceremony can be described as "fleeting", "Daily Sport newspaper" directly to the Brazilian behavior is defined as cold.
"Daily Sport newspaper" news that Nei Maer first went to coach Barberd's office, but he did not explain their own reasons to make the decision to leave the team, Nei Maer just calmly told the Barcelona coach, hope he Able to understand their decision to go to Paris.
Subsequently, Nei Maer came to the locker room, to see with their fought 4 years of teammates. He made a simple speech, but at this moment, there is no applause in the locker room, no tears, no cheers, everything seems so calm. Subsequently, Nei Maer and his teammates one by one to embrace farewell, but not all players embrace are so warm. fifa coins Of course, except Suarez and Messi, the two with Nemal partner years of striker combination and Nei Maer has too much feelings. Subsequently, Nei Maer will rush to leave.
An eyewitness in the locker room said Nei Maer came to the locker room to pack his luggage and said goodbye to his teammates, everything was very simple and very calm, and was "cold and fleeting." www.fifacoinszone.net The witness said, Nemal only in ten minutes to complete the farewell with his teammates, then he hurried to leave, people suddenly feel very strange to him.

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