The floor lay line choice

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The ground color wants to foil the color of the furniture Outdoor Floor Exporters Online , and the ground decorates to belong to the permanent decoration, in the general case, does not change often, should consider multifaceted factor when choosing. Among them, the neutral color has always been the mainstream color, but if collocation is proper, brunet, light color can achieve ideal result. In general, the following aspects should be noted.
The daylighting condition of the bedroom limits the choice of floor color. The room that daylighting is good can choose scope and big, deep shallow all can. And the floor is lower, the room that daylighting is not full should pay attention to choose brightness is taller, the ground material that color is appropriate, avoid using the material with darker color as far as possible.
Color can affect the visual effect of the person, warm color is expanded color, cool color is contractive color. So, the room ground of small area should choose dark tonal cool color, or concise and lively floor, make the person produces the feeling that area expands. If choose the warm color floor with thick colour can make space appears more narrow, increase depressive feeling. In addition, in the choice of flower color, should tend to small grain or straight grain effect, avoid big and disorderly pattern.
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