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Limitation of colorTo observe the lens average daylight you saw through the analog yellow and green traffic signal lens,standard state: color,corresponding coordinates to be placed in the chromaticity diagram in the corresponding area (Figure 1).If the coordinate value measured color is beyond the limits of a given color gamut,various traffic signals will lead to confusion,it is one of the risk of traffic accidents.Transmittance of the traffic signalAppears to be specified in the corresponding standard of the traffic signal transmittance,red,yellow,observed through the green signal of the lens: is the red signal should have% ≥8,
Fashion Sale Womens yellow and green signals% ≥6 should order to,not only the ability to identify a low signal when the colored too traffic signal transmittance,I will reduce the risk of one traffic accident.MarkTo marking requirements,each pair of glasses,(such as QB2457) run standard code,category (or light-colored sunglasses,such as a mirror of the sun),you need to mark the production and the name and trademark.The choices available to the consumer to choose the right sunglasses,marked category,you can and Motozukuko ?? to usage and location.Impact resistanceEXPRESS,in order to have a protective function of the lens,or conforming to ANSI (American standard),must be able to withstand the high 1.27 meters impact without fragmenting the 16 g bowl freefall Hmm.Index is the minimum requirement in order to have a protective glasses.Lens has the explicit protection,but if it passes this standard,it is considered safe wearing the eyeglasses,the unsafe situation may mislead consumers,accident In the case of,it will harm the eye of directly to consumers.
Venta Al Por Mayor Barata Zapatos Air Jordan 3 10 of the advantages and disadvantages Advantages: 1,decorative appearance,2,obstruction eye defect,3,burden,4 of glare,you can reduce the ciliary muscle of the eye under the block harmful lightWallace wearing sunglassesWallace wearing sunglassesLine,4,protect your eyes from injury; 5,wear sunglasses,face looks thin,this theory has been proposed by Olsen sisters,her theory is very simple,beauty,love thin woman Let's always look at "intentionally" they are small,lean,and wearing sunglasses on top of the big nose,his face,in this way to create a visual effect of "face lift",to look small Become.Disadvantages: 1,and not a quality defect in the lens,the anti-radiation,anti-UV,an increase in not easy ear damaging the eyes,long nose,wearing,

Cheap New Balance 574 Mens&Womensleaving scars in 3 helps two It worked the biased amount of common sense that it is not possible to achieve the effect Cloudy vulnerable to inappropriate eyewear sunglasses,you do not need to wear sunglasses in the dimly lit conditions such as indoors.No matter,regardless,people with opportunity,SunglassesSunglassesAlso,inevitably cause fatigue and eye muscle tension,sunglasses to increase the burden of eye coordination,visual loss,blurred vision,in the evening even if you wear the case of severe,and in the movie and in the evening sunlight of strength,TV,symptoms such as dizziness.
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