False eyelash besmear eyelash oil and double eyelid

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As a result, people often use, false eyelash besmear eyelash oil and double eyelid surgery, volume eyelash eyelash on the methods of beautification.Next palpebral eyelash short and sparse, and bent down.Sometimes also can through the eyeliner or text eyeliner means to make up for the inadequacy of eyelash thin light, to better display the outline of the eye.With trachoma, can cause the trichiasis, make eyelash varus thorn to the eyeball, damage the cornea, which requires a correction operation.You can also take some methods to nourish your eyelash, which has proven to be an effective way to grow your eyelash back, such as some popular eyelash serum: bimatoprost ophthalmic lilash and care prost?There products have passed clinical test and have helped thousands of people to regrow naturally longer thicker and fuller eyelash.Just apply the serum along your eyeliner before bed.And amazing result can be seen in few weeks.

Tools, I strongly recommend lip brush, general 7 yuan can buy outside a small store.Must use the brush, can full hand otherwise eyeful is oil!Best best don't use the retractable lip brush is too soft, can poke in the eye.Eyelash brush, also is not very good, because bad to apply VE.

Steps, (1) take out a capsule, use a toothpick burst, and then squeeze out a little touch on the lip brush, start with eyelashes, must be careful, canthus sparse eyelash places more can't miss!(2) the last at the site of the eyeliner, namely the eyelashes on besmear, at this time more than half of the liquid remaining in the capsule, to his lips, nails and hands, all can.(3) the final rub olive oil in the same way again in the eyelashes.Special note, will sooner or later.If every day, and the action in place, generally 10 days can work.Wish every one of the mm has a pair of fly fly long eyelashes.Cod liver oil lashes.

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