Label the straightening edge and the curling edge of the iron

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Redesign the twist so you donít have to reach your right arm clear over the top of your head to do your left side. This was hard for me to do comfortably and my arm got fatigued quickly!!! I even managed to pinch myself at the hinge! Ouch!

What if you are a leftie? This product would be impossible to figure out if you are! TYME style has quite a range of hairbrushes ranging from the round brush to the triangle and paddle brushes.These brushes have a unique effect on your hair especially in ensuring a silky, smooth and seamless hair flow.They will enable you to gain an elegant look.In addition, some have a magnetic feature for easier storage.tyme gold titanium can as a gift for your friends.

Label the straightening edge and thetyme flat Iron curling edge of the iron. It is hard to see the guidelines from a distance in the mirror or in lower light.

The right/left thing works well for long hair. However, with shorter hair it is hard to do since the hair is so short. How do girls with shorter hair curl the back of their head

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