Guide to navigating the classic Hulu experience

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We want to make it easy for you to find and enjoy the best TV and movies on your supported devices and always provide a seamless browsing experience. On the classic Hulu experience, there are different sections that will help you get to the most relevant videos for you to watch right now.
Here's a quick guide to know what these sections are all about and where to find them:
Navigate to the TV or Movies section from the main page of the Hulu app to access Genres. When you're browsing Hulu, the Genres section can offer a great way to narrow down what types of content you're interested in watching. From Comedy to Documentaries to Sci-Fi, Genres is a great alternative to browsing an alphabetical listing of content.
Navigate to the TV section from the main page of the Hulu app to access Networks. If you've found a network that features shows you tend to like, you can use the Networks section when browsing Hulu to find shows and other videos from a particular TV network.
Popular shows, movies, and networks are featured as individual sections on the main landing page of Hulu, along with clicking on either the TV or Movies tile. Popular content is a great way to find what others are watching. The ability to filter through shows, episodes and clips will get you more quickly to something that best suits your taste.
You can find the latest selection of our content listed under New in both the TV and Movies sections. Because we're always adding so many new shows, episodes, and movies, sometimes New is the best way to find something to watch.
Search for a specific title by toggling over to the search bar in the top right corner. Navigate to the search bar and press the OK or Select option on your remote to pull up the on-screen keyboard (or type in directly on the search bar if you are on Hulu.com), and enter the desired search terms. Results will populate below as you type.
This section features curated collections of movies and shows that have a topic in common. A decade-defining list of series and movies from the 80's, a collection of movies and shows that tell stories through music, or a chilling horror compilation, are some examples of the collections you can find under the Spotlight tile.
From the main screen of the Hulu application, you will find your Watchlist hub under the top scrolling promotional images. Watchlist makes it easy to keep track of all the shows and movies you’re watching on Hulu without you needing to do anything.


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