During the construction period

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diagnosed with acute gastric ulcer. Playing a two-pin in the hospital, the condition a little relief, he silently returned to his busy job. And Zhai Rongsheng, during the pavement in Beijing, the old father died, he rushed home to cook the funeral of the elderly the fourth day,Eco Low Carbon Composite Floor Price put into the work of the pavement. There are good at studying the chief of staff Li Hongxin, Yong Ke difficult senior technician Xie Renqi, women do not let the shop director Guan Ping, innovative technology operators Wang Xinfeng, etc., and so on. Of course, in this group of living group carvings, but also flashing the head of the state-owned cadres of the figure: Jinqiao floor group
chairman and general manager Song Jianlong, in order to build quality works, he traveled numerous times in Changchun, Beijing, forest , The site, 172 days and nights all the way to the Great Hall of the People, I do not know how many difficulties,high-quality outdoor wall panels in his vigorous and resolute decision to meet. Some people say that the most words of Song 's total mouth in this year are; Permanent pavement project site executive vice president of Qu Mei You, the top pressure, take the heat, and the Great Hall of the Authority and the relevant parties in close contact with the whole team together from the early days of late, people tan more black, boil Get thinner. In
the Jilin Forest Industry Group, talk about politics; always put in the first place, even in Beijing during the construction of two months, their pavement team also set up temporary party branch and temporary union. During the construction period,WPC park fence the temporary party branch held a meeting from time to time, requiring each party member to be responsible for the ideological and political work of the team, to help the team to solve practical problems, and truly played a cohesive and morale fortress. Temporary trade unions are combined with pavement works, organize labor competition, once a day evaluation, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the
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