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And perhaps it explains why he is not shy of calling fashion kids clothing free shipping a Sabyasachi lehenga the new Birkin of India. of our customers feel that our clothes have been made for them. Because we have sustained a certain identity in our clothes, like several other iconic brands Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Burberry. You can have fans without that sense of repetition. We have had customers like five sisters from the same family getting married in Sabyasachi, and we dressed each of them on those occasions. People come to you because they know what they are going to get. Mukherjee also knows exactly what to give. The Sabyasachi image is a careful construct of perceptiveness, media savvy and plain common sense. He does not drink or smoke or party, obviating the three base principles in the Indian designer formula of 2013. His clothes are different in their same old sameness and most of his interviews, where he talks easily about his life, read like verbatim clones of each other. Like a handy memo for the media to spread the exact message he wants. Fashion columnist Sujata Assomull Sippy says he is the Shah Rukh Khan of fashion with the kind of copy he gives to journalists, knowing the impact his quotes will create.

"The parents [Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne] were going out and they were like, 'Oh and the wipes.' 'Oh and a change of clothes.' 'Oh and a snack.' And by the time they grabbed all the stuff that they need, they were so tired that they fell asleep and they never went anywhere. It was hilarious and so true," Sliwinska shared with a laugh.

The first film was very much hampered by its slim budget. Thankfully, the studio has given director Francis Lawrence (who takes over for Gary Ross) a much bigger stack of money to play with and he very much puts it to good use. Everything in Fire just feels bigger, more alive, more dangerous. He building off of someone else groundwork, but Lawrence displays a very assured hand and helps to texture the world in a way that Ross work never quite achieved. It feels like something of a minor miracle that we have a female like Katniss leading a major motion picture of this sort, and even more miraculous that it is performed by someone of Jennifer Lawrence capabilities. She is a complex character forced to make some hard choices and against horrible odds and she is wonderfully realized.

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