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The problem is with the way he imparts spin to vintage clothing children the ball. He doesn't even land it on the seam, yet he gets huge deviation off the track. Normally, you bowl with your shoulder, the shoulder follows the ball and, in the follow through, the body follows the shoulder. Cricket is a side on game. Batting, bowling, fielding. everything is side on. How can you extract so much spin without any follow through? After releasing the ball, he just stops. He does have a very good line and a beautiful loop; his trajectory is very fast and the ball dips very sharply which makes it very difficult to hit him out of the attack.

The backstory on "The Heavy" is that it began, last spring, with an essay Weiss wrote for Vogue magazine about her decision to put Bea on a diet. That story which included photos of Dara Lynn and her daughter caused an enormous outcry in many quarters, ranging from popular media websites to mommy blogs to average parents. People felt Weiss was putting Bea on display at a vulnerable point in her life, among other reactions.

The film, American Winter, follows the personal stories of eight middle class families in Portland, Ore., who were hit hard during the Great Recession. Once financially stable, they now find themselves struggling. Emmy Award winning filmmakers Joe and Harry Gantz known for their tell all series Taxicab Confessions show these families desperately trying to make ends meet during the winter of 2011, even as headlines everywhere indicate a recovery for America.

Two weeks ago, she recalls, four year old Ghalib said to her on the phone, "Auntie, can you buy me a bicycle?" Tima breaks down, tears fall, then she draws another deep breath. "He wanted a bicycle like all the other kids. I said to my brother one day I will send you extra money so you can buy him a bicycle."

"It hasn't been an easy road but it hasn't been hard because I've always been focused."The business is going to be a major minority business in the states and worldwide, according to Ponchock. "Bee Apparel will be a major player in the world."Jarrett blames the system for the failure of many young people because they are not given the opportunity to succeed."I know there are young people out there who have been shut down because of uneducated people in high positions that don't understand entrepreneurship," he said.

It really would have been hilarious, except for the fact we were all wet and freezing and still had to get back across the log to go home several miles on our bikes. Then there was the problem of getting our clothes dry and getting rid of the odor, since each of our mothers thought we were safe at somebody else's house, playing games. In the end we went to another friend's house whose mother wasn't home and got cleaned up. Mom still doesn't know.

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