Urban construction waste disposal in the new era of socialism into a new era

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by remember006 • 26 Posts

According to the survey, in recent years the city's urban construction waste disposal out of a new road, relying on the construction waste crusher to promote, its processing capacity is growing, increasing the amount of construction waste to the city The great pressure is gradually disappearing. Only rely on urban construction waste disposal this year, the city's annual savings of about 300 acres of land, and landfill of urban construction waste disposal method before this is almost national general, if all the new approach, will save a very Considerable land resources.
One of the important reasons for the significant negative impact of construction waste on urban development is that it produces a large number and is persistent, so it also determines that we can not find a way to solve the problem completely. What we need is Can continue to carry out efficient urban construction waste disposal. Human society development today, we can not just from their own point of view to consider the problem, the environment, resources, and so we need careful care, rational use,
Construction waste treatment equipment research and development success of urban construction waste disposal has entered a new stage, in the new era of socialist development began a new journey.

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