Wood flooring damp handling tips

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▲ moisture-proof measures
Rainy windows, check the water pipes, the ground can not be installed overheating construction, cement floor, hair ground, geothermal ground, you need to add good performance of moisture-proof film. Keel or hair floor installation method, should avoid keel and hair floor wet. Animal urine, accidental sprinkler,Plastic Wood Deck Wholesaler
promptly removed. Rugs covered on the floor, etc., should not be too large (less than 1 square meter), the cover needs to be breathable.
▲ damp floor treatment
The floor has been severely damp or soaked for more than 30 minutes. Will appear deformation, drum up, blistering, loss of gloss and so on. This floor was basically scrapped,reviews on armorpoxy paint

it should be replaced, and pay attention to the water under the floor cleared and dried.
For mild soaked and damp floor (observe whether there is any obvious deformation) can be dry, ventilated, if necessary, open the floor to observe the ground with or without water, if necessary,composite wood building material

Light damp wood flooring, can be placed in a cool, ventilated place to dry. Be careful not to blow hair, sunlight exposure, drying, which will speed up the floor serious deformation, damage to the surface. Moisture floor deformation, drum up, bubbles and so on. Good recovery in the environment,wood decking composite for sale cheap

the extent of the defects will be reduced to strengthen the floor do not oil care, waxing, etc., the best solid wood floor waxing (except for solid wood), oil care, to be carried out after the restoration of the wood floor 1-2 months after the oil care).

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