How to set up wired connections for 2 or more routers

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met a friend yesterday and said he had a wireless router in his home, but he couldn't use his colleagues to help him. I recalled, his home network is I set up, is the telecommunications fiber optic cat, I set the automatic dialing. So I suspect his colleagues have set up wireless routers in dial-up mode.

so sometimes we need to set up 2 or more than 2 routers to meet the need. For example, there is already a wired Huawei Ar1220C Ip Pbx Modem, also want to add a wireless router; or have a wireless router, but the line number is not strong, want to add a two level wireless router to meet the application. Here are two TP-LINK-R4148 to explain how to set up, it is worth throwing a brick to attract jade, to help novice.

set up more than 2 routers, the key is that the router LAN port IP address can not be repeated, otherwise it will cause conflicts, causing network failure. The default IP address of IP-LINK router is, as follows: the IP address of the

router is reserved and the default is ok. And normal settings, so that it can be used normally networking, this little said, I believe everyone will. For example: two router settings under

settings before do not tell a router connected to the computer screen directly inserted into the two router LAN port on the computer in the local area connection, the IP address is set to (here 2 2-254 can be free. Subnet mask, as for gateways and DNS, can not be set first. Then login to the settings page, the user name and password are admin. In the network parameter -LAN port settings, the IP address is changed to, as follows:

settings, save. The router will request to restart, restart with new IP address landing, before landing, also need to change the IP address in the local computer connection to, (2-254 arbitrary). So you can login two level ZTE Router,Cisco Swicher,Huawei Microwave with Then, in the network parameter -WAN port settings, set to static IP, as follows:

here is set to, select the end of the number, to maximize the avoidance of IP conflict. The gateway needs to be set as the IP address of the first level router, and as for DNS, it can be set as the IP address of the local DNS service provider, and can also be directly set to as the graph. That's all right. Then the first level router LAN port leads to a cable inserted into the two level router WAN port, the two routers can be connected to use. In order to make the network more stable, you can divide the DHCP service into a dedicated IP segment in the first level router. The following diagram: the address pool of the

DHCP service can also be set at will, but only if you want to avoid the 254 address of the two level router. Here set to 100-199, there are restrictions on individual routers, not more than how much, that is because the router varies. The DHCP service in the two level router does not need to be specially set up, because it is a 192.168.0.x segment, and does not conflict with the first level router. When you use it everyday, if you use it under a router, you can set the IP address of the local connection to (2-253). When you specify the IP address, you can't set the number of 254. The following diagram:

, if used in the two router, IP address can be set as: (2-254), as follows:

, so you can reasonably use 2 routers to access the internet. If you're in trouble, simply set the IP address and DNS automatically. (of course, the 2 Original Huawei Router,Swicher,Microwave And Router,Swicher,Microwave Made In China can be wired routers and wireless router combinations, fiber optic cats and wireless router combinations, etc.; )

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