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Massacre gunman wow gold posted YouTube video calling followers to 'embrace martyrdom' six hours before attacksSent 12 minute YouTube video to 7,000 Facebook friendsIn document with video details plans for devastating terror attacksWrites that he will 'dress up as a police officer' as it will 'be awesome as people will be astonished''There are situations where cruelty is necessary' and 'it is better to kill too many people than not enough', he writes

Describes himself as 'quite tolerant on most issues' and claims 'I am not in fact a racist and have never been'Contacted the English Defence League to discuss 'tactics'

The man who reportedly shot dead at least 85 people at a youth camp and killed another seven with a car bomb in the Norwegian capital of Oslo, released a YouTube video calling for conservatives to 'embrace martyrdom' six hours before the attacks, it has emerged.

Anders Behring posted the video promoting a fight against Islam, which shows pictures of him wearing a wetsuit and pointing an automatic weapon, hours before he set out on the devastating killing spree.

In a text with the video he detailed his plans for the attacks, writing that he would 'dress up as a police officer', adding that it would 'be awesome as people will be astonished'.

Manifesto of terror: Anders Behring poses in a wetsuit holding an automatic weapon in a YouTube video posted six hours before the deadly attacks

Attacks: set out how to make bombs from fertilisers and how to receive them in large quantities by setting up an agricultural company

In the disturbing 1,500 page dossier, he wrote that 'there are situations where cruelty is necessary' and that it is better to kill too many than not enough'.

Police sources told Norwegian media that

had confessed to posting the video setting out his extremist

views before the attacks.

was a member of the Masonic lodge in Oslo and had links to the English Defence League.

In one post online, he wrote: 'I have on some occasions discussed with. the EDL and recommended them to use conscious strategies.

'The tactics of the EDL is to ''entice'' an overreaction from jihad youth/extreme Marxists, something they have succeeded [in] several times already.'

Police chief Roger Andersen said: 'What we know is that he is right wing and a ChristianThe 12 minute video, called 'Knights Templar 2083', also reportedly appeared on 's now closed Facebook page.

The page cites philosophers like Machiavelli, Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill.

In the accompanying document, which he set out as a manifesto for 'conservative revolution', he described how to make bombs from fertilisers and how to receive them in large quantities by setting up an agricultural company.

In May, he had six tonnes of fertiliser delivered to the remote farm he owned, 80 miles north of Oslo.

The manifesto describes his experiments with explosives and his first successful test detonation of a bomb in a

remote location on June 13.

The account of bomb making is also dotted with details about what he watched on TV including the Eurovision song contest and American police drama The Shield.

In the text, titled 'A European Declaration of Independence', he wrote how he wanted to rid Europe of Islam and Marxism.

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