Eyelash Growing Hacks For Fuller, Longer Lashes

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by slimeseller • 362 Posts

Step away from the falsies, because you won't be needing them. In fact, there are several ways to grow out your own lashes naturally without resorting to eyelash extensions or crazy false lashes. Plump up your own lash line by giving your eyelashes some extra TLC. Whether it's moisturizing them with various oils and serums or simply combing them through, there are plenty of easy and effective ways to make your lashes grow longer and stronger.
When it comes to strengthening your lashes, many of these DIY hacks involve some sort of oil or serum. Like anything, be sure to check with your doctor or dermatologist before adding new things into your beauty routine. It's always best to check with your own personal expert to rule out any possible allergens. With that said, many of these hacks work by moisturizing and strengthening the lashes themselves. These oils contain either powerful antioxidants or nutrients that your precious lashes need to grow big and strong. Over time these methods can give you your fluffiest lashes yet. So, if you're looking to give your lashes a little extra oomph, here are nine ways to grow your eyelashes. No falsies required.
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