What is the cheapest way of producing audible sounds

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I am in need of producing an audible sounds in my circuit Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online, when instructed by a microcontroller which it is attached to. So far, the cheapest way I have found is to use a piezoelectric style buzzer, but want to know if there are even cheaper alternatives.

I need the sound to notify the user that the device is on by beeping (relatively quietly) every few second. Therefore, the decibel level of the sound is not a big concern.

Edit: I just thought of using headphone speakers (really cheap ones may do as well) to produce the simple beeping noise. Now I am not sure if I could buy such small speaker modules (don't know if that's the correct word) separately. But I did find this older question and I will look into the method to see if it satisfies my needs.

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If cheap is what you're looking for (and face it Cheap Cartons Of Cigarettes, we all like cheap) and if you're only building one or two of these Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, look around your house for a noisy item and salvage the components from it.

Edit - now I see the volume you need.

Check overstock and salvage sites. And remember, if you're making a business case, take shipping cost (and time!) into account, and take 'salvage time' into account. Sometimes it's cheaper to just by the blasted things at retail prices and move forward.
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