Sanding machine installed correctly

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How to properly install the sand making machine is a very important issue. If it can not be properly installed, it will cause the entire sand making line to stop working, which will not only damage the sand making equipment, but more importantly, Machine operators cause personal injury.
In a variety of gravel production lines and sand production line, sand making machine are usually accompanied by the crusher crushing equipment. So its installation and crusher have a great relationship. According to the different crushing sites, the location of the third generation sand making machine will also be different. Generally installed in the factory or open space for homework. The third generation sand making machine before installation, we must first inventory in accordance with the inventory, check the various components in the shipping process without wear and whether it is complete. Sanding machine should be balanced when installed so that the main shaft and the horizontal plane perpendicular to the sand on the top and sides should leave appropriate space for lifting and maintenance purposes. After the installation is complete, should still be a comprehensive inspection, such as: lube tube is securely connected. Sanding machine must be re-run before commissioning a lubricant, and check the connection between the components is solid and reliable, there is no foreign matter on the impeller, the motor wiring is correct. After running, if abnormal circumstances should stop running immediately.

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